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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I must apologize for my absence.  It was not deliberate or for lack of interest merely a series of distractions, hiccups along the road of life.   The realization that life might have been better before the invitation granted to ‘the computer’ to enter my home has become crystal clear while I set up yet a another computer.  I’ve spent the last few days installing, transferring data, software etc.  My former 9 yr old PC has become a tired decrepit tool that I was dragging out each day, rather like the albatross, while forcing it to function.  It was time to let it drift off on the iceberg for a respectful demise.

I don’t yet have photo editing on the new computer, hence I am unable to improve my photos.  Eh, the stress of it all.   And to think I actually had a small darkroom years ago where I dabbled in film developing & printing.  Fingers in the chemicals, the smells hung in the air along with the wet photo paper fresh from the fixer bath clipped onto a line stretched across the wall.   That was truly fun.

behold the bpx

behold the box

I am in the midst of finding new desktop printing software, weighing the merits of owning the ability of PDF creation, my former software is not compatible, photo editing tools, to WORD or not to WORD, a WORD by any other name be as sweet?  The transition from one OS to another on top of the computer shift.  I love wasting time in front of the screen as opposed to tapping into my creativity on my worktable or bakery counter.  Yes, I will be glad when both computers are not humming though my old computer is rather loud, I think the fan is going.   My new computer is so quiet I forget it’s there.

I did, if you notice, brighten up the blog, forced it to bloom into spring, and have given my cat, Rufus, a prominent spot.  I’ll have more to say on him and other cats in the future!

Prior to the computer interlude I was playing around with a ‘Jammie Cake’ project.  I am up-cycling materials from the bakery and should have more to reveal at a later date, as you may wonder if I have indeed spent too much time at the PC and have tossed my wits, gazing on this photo.

upcycling bakery disposables

up-cycling bakery disposables

So no food here in this post.  The snow stopped falling around 7 pm.  We gained almost 6″ of the white blanket.   Tomorrow the sun will shine down on it and it will be lost into the ground.  Good for the garden and the water supply!

So until next time we meet, maybe eat .. Mangia!  Enjoy family, life and food ….. snow and computers!  HAH!




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