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Thursday   May 16, 2013

When I was a kid we spent loads of time outside, doing kid stuff!  One of the silly, innocent pastimes was picking buttercups, putting them under our chins to detect whether we loved butter!  Silly yes?    If yellow was reflected on one’s chin from the flower then said chin bearer loved butter.   But of course wouldn’t the flower / light reflect on everyone?  I don’t recall if as a kid we made note of that fact.   So I do love butter and use it as the primary fat in my baking.   You can’t beat it, for flavor, consistency and preservative qualities.   I briefly strayed to ‘oleo’, as a child, when my mother chose to use it over butter, then as an adult, I used soy margarine.  That did not last too long due to the realization of the downside to hydrogenation.  Back to butter and a long history of baking.  All you need is butter, sugar, a pinch of salt and flour basically to make a totally satisfying cookie.


buttercup hand

A slab of butter on a proud stack of pancakes, slathered on toast, a fresh from the oven scone or biscuit, you name it.  Butter tops it off for pure taste and satisfaction.   At times I take a fork full of just cooked hot brown rice & anoint it with a dab of butter for a special treat.    I will admit that I no longer spread butter ( or oleo) on bread when making a sandwich.   My mother did do that, whether she used a condiment or not.   Overkill.  Perhaps it was a holdover from her British upbringing.  Of course it was always a sandwich made with mother’s love but I have not continued that method, even for my kids.   Not where I love my butter.  Give me vanilla, sugar and flour with butter any day, all day.   I remember fondly, my German Grandmother, making butter balls and butter spritz.   Now that I do carry on! !

Butter on!  Enjoy life, family and food!


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